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Our Collection : Weekly Dars e Seerat
Title Date Ascending Play Download
Badshahon ko Tableeg e Islam (Part1)(18-12-05) 18-Dec-2005 Play - Download -
Masla e Taqleed (25-12-05) 25-Dec-2005 Play - Download -
Invitation to Kisra (01-01-06).mp3 01-Jan-2006 Play - Download -
Ghazwa e Khyber(Part1) (15-01-06).mp3 15-Jan-2006 Play - Download -
Ghazwa e Khyber Part2(22-01-06) 22-Jan-2006 Play - Download -
Ghazwa e Khyber (Part3)(05-02-06).mp3 05-Feb-2006 Play - Download -
Return from Khyber (19-02-06) 19-Feb-2006 Play - Download -
Division of Khybers Maal e Ganimat (05-03-06) 05-Mar-2006 Play - Download -
Return of Hazrat Jaffar from Habsh (12-03-06) 12-Mar-2006 Play - Download -
Mojzaat e Khyber (16-04-06) 16-Apr-2006 Play - Download -
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Favorite Speeches
Title Date Play Download
Aqeeda e Khatam e Nabuwwat aur Radd e Qadiyaniat (07-09-2012) 07-Sep-2012 Play - Download -
Darbar e Risalat kay Aadaab (28-09-2012) 28-Sep-2012 Play - Download -
Masla e Nisyan e Ambiya e Karaam(Alihemussalaam)(03-08-2011) 03-Aug-2011 Play - Download -
Tauheen e Risalat aur Iski Sazaa Part2 - (31-12-2010) 31-Dec-2010 Play - Download -
Nabuwwat se mutalliq Wajib Aqaid (04-12-2011) 04-Dec-2011 Play - Download -
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